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Share Your Passion and Create Your Legacy with Triple Threat Mentoring. We’d love for you to get involved. Sign up to volunteer, to serve on our Junior Board, or rock an awesome internship!



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Get Involved


Without you, Triple Threat can’t make a difference. Volunteers are the life blood of our programs and the heart of partnership that leads to change. Encouragement of personal involvement in urban community development is a core value of Triple Threat.

We actively seek out caring adults and college and high school students with a desire to invest in youth. Volunteers serve as positive role models of good character and solid values that build faith and hope in our youth. Relationships developed with local churches, schools, businesses and other non-profits have resulted in strong partnerships and active volunteerism.

Volunteer roles include a wide variety of event, programming and mentor roles, as well as library or administrative help, carpentry, general service projects, and bilingual translation of communications to parents. All volunteers work together under team leadership. We’re always recruiting for upcoming Events and Programs in each of the areas of Athletics, Academics and Arts. Why not try serving in your community today?

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As much fun as we have at Triple Threat Mentoring, we’re very serious with our finances. We’re audited by an outside firm, and 94 cents of every dollar goes back directly into programming for under-resourced youth.




At Triple Threat, 94 cents of every dollar goes straight to programming for under-resourced youth. Give a few bucks. Watch your money change a kid’s life. BOOM. You’re awesome!







Whether it’s a product or service you’re great at, share it with Triple Threat! There’s no shortage of ways you or your company can get involved and in-kind donations are a huge asset to serving more kids! So don’t think about.. just do it!







There’s nothing greater than seeing your passion change a kid’s life. Take what you or your company is great at, share that in a 3T program or event and watch awesome things unfold.

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  1. nakita strenger 3 years ago

    Please help me i lost my section 8 because one of my son’s went to jail and he know longer stay with me put his id still have my address and i wasn’t aware he was arrested they took my housing im a single mom i have 6 children my 3 oldest graduate and have someee college due to money problems they couldn’t finish my 3 oldest are homeless today because I was on section 8and i couldn’t let them live with me because they choose to go down the wrong path and i don’t understand why i picked my kids friends i kept thm in hose even tried keeping them away from families that wasnt living rite if i stay in bad neighborhood i will move trying to keep them away from wrong doing i don’t know where i went wrong i have 2 boys left in high school one about to graduate and he can’t even go on prom because we are about to be homeless we have to be out by 4.30. 15 oh don’t let me forget i have and grandbaby i have lil income no education filing for ssi ..i need help please help me my 2 boys go dunbar high school they run tra k play basketball football i mean they are awesome boys we just struggling now my name nakita strenger number 7087374790

  2. Joan Coleman 3 years ago

    I am looking for mentor for my 17 year old twins…(Mostly for one)

    • Author
      Jordan 3 years ago

      Hey Joan! Where do you guys live?

  3. kAREN 3 years ago

    I am looking for a mentor for my 18 year old son who is my biological grandson. My husband (deceased,2010)and I adopted him after the death of his mother in 2004. I became aware of Triple Threat while watching the Steve Harvey Show. We live in New Jersey.

    • Author
      admin212 3 years ago

      Hey Karen,

      Right now, our locations are in LA and Chicago. Once we’re able to branch out a bit more and offer programs in your area, we’ll let you know!

  4. suzette Douglas 3 years ago

    I’m looking for a mentor for my 11 yr old son in living in Atlanta ga

    • Author
      admin212 3 years ago

      Hey Suzette!
      Right now, our locations are in LA and Chicago. Once we’re able to branch out a bit more and offer programs in your area, we’ll let you know!

  5. Hilda Rivera 2 years ago

    I learn of the blessing you have given a family on channel 9 news of a van that a family so needed and I was wondering if I could qualify for a blessing like that also. I have a 20 going on 21 year old son name Pedro Gonzalez born with cerebral palsy and moderate mental retardation blind from left eye and partially blind from right eye. He was born at 24 weeks gestation has history of Asthma, Gastro-esophagus reflex, seziure disorder. Has had surgery on both feet (Triple orthodesis), Tendon release on both legs, and a hip replacement. I also suffer from diabetes, H.B.P., a brain tumor, and arthritis on my hand & elbows, and have complete torn ligaments on both shoulders. My son is getting really big and heavy to lift and I am a single mom to him. I love to go places with him and keep him involved in church with Choir & Performing Arts which we haven’t been able to go for the last 7 weeks cause are car broke down and we live only on S.S which is not enough for us to purchase a new van We live in Griffith Indiana and there is no public transportation out here not like in Illinois. I have tried to do a GoFundMe but that also has not moved very well. So I just don’t know what else to do. Would you or can you help us with this blessing.

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