What can be better than doing something you’re passionate about and earning college credit?

Oh, yeah… the whole time you’re making a HUGE impact in your community.

what intern

Everything! We epitomize the work-hard, play-hard mentality. Wear a mask to work (if you want). Recline on a couch. Blast some music. Play pranks on co-workers. We mix a fun and inviting office culture with meaningful work that truly molds at-risk youth we work with (and you!). It’s a win-win.


Erika M

“This past winter I had one of the greatest opportunities and I couldn’t be more grateful that it came at just the right time in my life. Being a part of such a great team doing what I love and being able to see that they are making a difference in urban youth truly was amazing. I loved every minute here.”
Production Graphic Designer at MagnetStreet

Brad G

“The experience I had interning with 3T has not only shaped me as a graphic designer, but also helped me grow as a person. This was no typical internship.There was plenty of meaningful work for me to do from the start, which I liked. The 3T team treats you like an actual employee & makes you feel important, which was another plus. The media internship allowed me to design with a purpose.
-Marketing Coordinator at 3T & Marketing

Phillip B

“Triple Threat Mentoring had an amazing opportunity that I took to do both of my passions at the same time. Everyone there was very supportive of my goals and everyone was always happy to see me. Interning at Triple Threat Mentoring doesn’t make you feel like an intern, but as a member of an amazing group of people that change the world for thousands of kids everyday.
-Freelance Photographer


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  1. Evan. Mosby 4 years ago

    All my current footage is currently in the my school sever and awaiting to be edited. I would love to shoot something exclusively for the purpose if showing my talent.

  2. Samantha Kaster 4 years ago

    You can find my videos on YouTube, and you can look me up on Facebook. (search for Samantha Kaster)

  3. James Rice 3 years ago

    I sense a positive environment and can very much relate to this atmosphere. Felt welcomed since i stepped in the building.

  4. nico ortiz 3 years ago

    Very modern and attention capturing as soon as I walked in, everyone seems to work together, and create a very progressive atmosphere that makes the person walking in want to be a part of.

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