Our Partners Make Magic Happen

Whether it’s our friends at Powerbar fueling a group of aspiring young musicians with snacks before hitting the studio or the good people at Nike equipping some young athletes with sports equipment, Triple Threat only exists because of generous in-kind support.

Adam Mock

Adam is the president of Medallion Media Group, one of Triple Threat’s biggest supporters.

“On a selfish level, you could look at it as you’re creating opportunities for the next generation that may be working for your company one day or be buying your products or using your services. But on a heartfelt level, it makes the most sense to pour your resources where you have them or even sacrificially give your resources into an area that will have the biggest impact. And that’s Triple Threat for us.

I cannot express enough how important this opportunity to (partner with Triple Threat) is. Don’t be foolish and treat this as any other pitch or any other thing that comes across your desk. Pause. Digest this. And make time for it. Strongly, strongly consider partnering with Triple Threat in your corporation. It will forever change you. And it will forever change kids that who you have yet to meet. So do it. Now.”

Get involved! If you’re interested in partnering with 3T, send us an email! Also check out our awesome partners.

adam 3t


  1. Our partners are AWESOME!

  2. Marcus Nix 3 years ago

    Recently,watching the Steve Harvey Show, I was impressed with the information shared about your mentoring program. In an effort to be more helpful in my community, Albany/Troy, New York, I want to know do more about how to get such a program off the ground in my area. Please advised.

    • Brikita Barnes 3 years ago

      I would love to explore the option of partnering with your organization in my area. The youth is my passion and I am requesting information to the ball rolling in my area.

      • Author
        Jordan 3 years ago

        Hey, Brikita. What area are you in?

  3. Keyia 3 years ago

    My husband is also interested in opening a mentoring program like this one in NC. How can he?

    • Author
      Jordan 3 years ago

      Hey Keyia,

      Right now, our locations are in LA and Chicago. Once we’re able to branch out a bit more, we’ll let you know!

    • Author
      Jordan 3 years ago

      Hey Keyia, Right now, our locations are in LA and Chicago. Once we’re able to branch out a bit more, we’ll let you know!

  4. Casarah 2 years ago

    Hi I run an organization called ‘Ricky Hawley Vega Memorial Fund’ in kane County Illinois that provides support and resources to youth ages 15-25. Our goal is to fill the gap connecting necessary resources to those in need. We would love to talk with you about partnering together to better serve the youth of Illinois!! You can also find us on fb at Ricky Hawley Vega Memorial Walk & Memorial Fund
    Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration!

    • Author
      Jordan 2 years ago

      Thanks for the comment, Casarah! Our Midwest Program Director will be in touch!

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