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The Farm grows sustainable organic food used to educate and feed families, which empowers the community to make healthier life choices.

The Urban Farm Programs and Events

Triple Threat Mentoring receives $550,000 grant from Dunham Fund for Urban Farm

Thanks to a $550,000, 3-year grant from The Dunham Fund, Triple Threat is launching a state-of-the-art Urban Farm in downtown Aurora. Once we retrofit the building, which was donated by the City of Aurora, we’ll be cranking out about 100,000 pounds of healthy, organic food each year. We’ll be able to help feed families in under-served areas while educating individuals about healthy nutrition and empowering the community.
You’re probably thinking… a farm? Triple Threat Mentoring? What? That’s a normal reaction, as it might appear this is out of our norm.
Buuuuuut…. The Farm perfectly jives with our mission at 3T: to love and serve the community.

Triple Threat Mentoring receives $550,000 grant from Dunham Fund for Urban Farm

It goes something like this: By using hydroponic and aquaponic growing techniques, we’ll be able to grow fruits, vegetables and fish year-round. We’ll have a CSA stand, or Community Supported Agriculture. More than half of all food produced will go back into the community to verified low-income families at a reduced, nominal price. The Farm will also partner with local bars, juicers, grocery stores and restaurants to inject some farm-to-table goods into the local economy.
Want to know more? Email The Farm Director Nick Marasco, or fill out the to the volunteer form at the top of this page and click “Urban Farm” under interests.
In the interim, check out this awesome article that ran in the Beacon-News, and stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more updates.
We couldn’t be more excited for this new venture. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to love and serve the community, which is why we’re stoked to get the Urban Farm rollin!

If you’d like to volunteer at The Farm, check “THE URBAN FARM” in the form below!