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Our Mission::

To provide an experience for young men and women to immerse themselves in an under-resourced community by serving the city, living intentionally and growing personally & professionally.

Our Vision::

Our vision is humungous…to renew cities by fighting poverty with passion! However, we believe that cities are transformed through transformed people; people with a common cause, mission and commitment. Our residency is aimed at creating an environment where residents experience personal growth and develop into leaders who are agents of change in urban centers across the United States.

Our Approach::
–  Residents will work full-time for Triple Threat Mentoring at one of its 
two locations (Aurora, IL or Santa Ana, CA)
–  Serve together. Residents will work together to come up with ways to serve 
their neighbors and community, and then they will actually do it! This will 
happen once a month.
–  Live intentionally with 4-5 residents for 3, 6, 12, or 24 month terms.
–  Hang together and schedule a time each month to simply have fun.
–  Eat together. Residents will share one meal together during the week to 
check-in, review the house calendar, develop plans for serving their 
neighbors and resolve any conflict.
–  Meet regularly with a mentor for personal and professional growth. 
Mentors are leaders in their community that have a passion for investing in the lives of others. Residents will meet with their mentors regularly (at least bi-weekly) for around an hour. Mentors primary aim is to simply come along side the residents and help them get where they desire to go.
–  Bi-Monthly Resident/Mentor HANG. It might be dinner, a movie, or a ballgame. The only rule is that it has to be fun!
–  Bi-monthly Resident/Mentor DEVELOP to hear from a guest speaker who will share on a pertinent topic with the residents and then facilitate discussion.
–  Retreat. The Residency will kick off with a retreat and culminate with a capstone retreat at the end.

To apply for The House residency program, fill out the internship form below and make sure to attach your resume! 

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Frequently Asked Questions About The House

What is the age requirement?

The House invites residents between the ages of 21 and 29. Special exceptions are occasionally made for residents participating in The House for college internship credit.

What cities is Triple Threat Mentoring in?

Currently we have openings in Aurora, IL (Chicago area) and Santa Ana, CA (Los Angeles area).

How are city placements decided?

Residents are placed in a location based upon a combination of the desire of the resident, needs of the location and fit in the houses. Residents will apply for a specific location but may be asked to consider an alternative one.

Who are you looking for?

We are looking for young men and women who are willing to commit one year to serve the city, live intentionally and grow as a leader. The characteristics we are looking for in residents are selflessness, humility, authenticity, social responsibility and a willingness to be a team-player.


What will be my role while working for 3T?

Residents serve as coordinators in several different areas. Depending on the resident’s passions, experience and gifts he/she may serve on one of our following teams:

  • Programs
  • Athletics
  • Marketing
  • Urban Farm
  • Studio Recording

How long does the residency last?

Our flagship residency track is eleven months. We also offer summer and semester tracks for those participating for college internship credit. There is also a second-year option for those who desire to continue their residency experience with greater responsibility and incentives.

What is The House 2nd Year?

The House 2nd Year is for those who wish to continue their experience with 3T and have been identified as exemplary residents. The 2nd year resident will have increased responsibilities as well as increased incentives such as an increased stipend and a professional leadership coach.

What are the dates of The House year?

Chicago: August 1 – June 30

Los Angeles: July 1 – May 30


  1. Nick Neumann 2 years ago

    What’s happening Triple Threat!

    My name is Nick and I just moved to Costa Mesa from New York where I grew up and went to college (I graduated this past May). I’ve always been adamant about doing something with my life that has a real impact on the community and environment. I started a volunteer organization at the Rochester Institute of Technology, the school I attended, called Recover Rochester which has donated almost 50,000 pounds of food that would have gone to waste since it’s creation. I am also a multi media producer, specializing in Photo and Video, with marketing, graphic design, music production, and web development experience as well. With this being said, I feel like I would be a great fit for the BroHouse Marketing Coordinator position. Please let me know if you’re interested in considering me and keep doing the awesome things you do!

    Nick Neumann

    • Author
      Jordan 2 years ago

      Thanks, Nick. I just sent an email your way!

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