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A group of Triple Threat students are re-writing their life stories.

As part of 3T’s My Story program, five young men embarked on a 16-week journey that taught them about responsibility, courage, conviction and other essential life skills.

The icing on the proverbial life-changing cake – the opportunity to travel to Florida to meet Wrigley heiress Helen A Rich. A longtime supporter of Triple Threat, Rich is the CEO of Medallion Media Group. She shared her story — and her home — with the 3T group.

“I would say it was a life-changing experience, but that wouldn’t do this trip and program justice,” said Triple Threat Executive Director Caleb Luper. “The level of high-level life coaching they received is invaluable. And this trip really left all of us at a loss for words.”

During the trip, the group of students were exposed to a life not normally seen on the streets of Aurora. Upon arriving at Camp Rich, they were immersed in Rich’s love for animals as they learned basic dog training, horseback riding and caring for a variety of other animals. The My Story group viewed the trip as a right of passage into manhood and took home symbolic gifts such as a bracelet and totem pole that stood for the four faces of manhood.

Doug McKinley of McKinley Leadership and Associates in Family Care led the program and shared his unique coaching skills usually reserved for high-level executive groups.

“In the end, you write your own story,” Luper said. “Some of the kids we work with feel their story is already determined by the circumstances that surround them. But now this group of young men have become autobiographers. They took control and wrote their own life stories.”

We at Triple Threat wanted to thank all involved for creating such a life-altering program!