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Grow. Educate. Empower.


What is The Farm?

The Farm is our indoor vertical farm in Aurora, Illinois that aims to grow food, educate people and empower the community. We grow healthy, organic food year-round that we donate to the community and students in 3T programs. When we mix technology, science, and nutrition, awesome things happen. The Farm was made possible thanks to an amazing grant and ongoing support from the Dunham Fund.

How does it work?

We grow food vertically, teach kids and the community how it works, and distribute that food in the community. The Farm engages the community with programs that educate and empower! It’s a powerful tool that not only inspires but also creates equal access to healthy, local food.

Why did 3T start The Farm?

After years of working in under-resourced communities, we saw that access to healthy food was a huge issue. Garbage in, garbage out. So we teamed up with the Dunham Fund and did something about. The Farm has the transformative power to improve human health and change the community. We want to be a model of positive change and a catalyst for good. When our students and the community can eat better, we feel better and can do better.

Where is The Farm?

The Farm is not your average outdoor farm. We can take it everywhere! Our home base for The Farm is in downtown Aurora, IL. But we put our mobile hydroponic system on wheels, and take it all over the area!

Get involved!

Wanna learn more about hydroponics and aquaponics? Have a green thumb that soap and water can’t wash off? Find something therapeutic about being surrounded by thousands of plants like Jumanji? Sweet. Holler at us, and we can find a way for you to get involved in The Farm’s mission to Grow Food, Educate People and Empower the Community.


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