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3T Volunteer Interview: Steve Blacksmith

Program: Bases Loaded

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Why Steve Loaded the Bases: 

Some of our passion-based programs rock out for 8 weeks and come to a triumphant end. Other programs continue for years and become a Triple Threat staple! Enter: Steve Blacksmith and Bases Loaded. 
Steve has not only been a huge advocate for Triple Threat, but also has been positively impacting urban youth through his baseball history program for 3 years. 
Here’s why Steve shares what he loves with 3T!
3T: Why did you start volunteering with Triple Threat?
SB: I wanted to support the organization my daughter was working with so I volunteered for the gardening program that Ball Seed, the company I work with, was running. It didn’t feel right just volunteering and I thought it would be more fun leading a program, so I approached Stefie about a program based on the history of Baseball.
3T: What kept you coming back, year after year?
SB: It is an absolute blast and I think I may actually enjoy the program more than the students. I was amazed at how they took to the program and that has been a true pleasure. It is hard for me to imagine not continuing with the program and having the opportunity to reach new students.
3T: What’s your favorite thing about volunteering with 3T?
SB: The relationship you build with the students is beyond anything I could have anticipated.
3T: Why should other people share their passion with 3T?

SB: As your motto goes…It is not a passion unless you share it with others. The enjoyment and satisfaction that comes along with sharing your passion to students who really seem to care is priceless.

We think Steve has a super cool story. You can have a story just like his — start here

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