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Triple Threat Mentoring partners with Nike to work with 2,000 youth in New York!

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Yup, once again Triple Threat rocked it out in New York City for the annual kick-off of the Nike Zoom League!

 3T led the team building for the Nike Zoom League for coaches and more than 2,000 youth!

What’s that mean? Essentially, it was a crazy awesome event to empower Nike Zoom League teams to 1) Get Hyped! 2) Commit to the program, and 3) Talk to each other! 

For four days, we rocked Olympic-style competition and structured team-building activities for almost youth and coaches. The training featured team competition in six different athletic venues each day, sports games and themed learning. All-around, well-rounded epicness.

Coaches, kids and staff had a blast as participants completed obstacle courses, competed in team games and set personal goals to apply themes they learned. A huge shout-out to our friends at Nike for allowing us the opportunity to return and invest in NYC youth!

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