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Triple Threat Welcomes the New West Coast Bros to the Santa Ana Site

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It’s that time of year when our crew gets an overhaul. We’re super excited to welcome the two new members of The House in Santa Ana, Gabe Estrada and Tyler McGrand! These two guys just embarked on a year long journey of professional development and personal growth through our residency program where they will practice intentional living in the community they serve. Sign up and learn more about The House!

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Gabe Estrada

What up!!! My name is Gabe Estrada and I am a SoCal native representing the I.E (Inland Empire). I am a charming and charismatic individual that enjoys developing deep and meaningful relationship with others. Running and reading are two of my favorite things to do during my leisure time. Not only do I love reading and writing but I love investing in the lives of youth. I have been serving as a local youth leader for six years and I plan on being a youth pastor. As far as my academic accomplishments I graduated from Chaffey College, which is a junior college. I graduated Chaffey with 4 associates in the areas of Liberal Arts, Humanities, Social Behavior Science and Universal Studies. I also have a certificate in Urban Youth Leadership Development from the Urban Youth Workers Institute. Currently I am working towards my bachelors degree at UC Irvine in Comparative Literature. I got connected with 3T through a friend of mine who is a senior pastor that has started a church in the city of Santa Ana. My friend noticed my strong desire to serve and invest in the lives of youth so he introduced me to the Site Director and Programs Supervisor. After speaking with the 3T representatives and my pastor I realized it would be great for my development so I applied and next thing I knew I started my position as Programs Coordinator! I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to learn the true meaning of intentional living and how to impact our community.

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Tyler McGrand

My name is Tyler McGrand AKA T-mac and I’m probably one of the goofiest guys you will meet. Born and raised in Southern California I always wanted to be a surfer kid. I had the long blonde hair for awhile but I kept it way too long. I graduated with a degree in Recreation Tourism Management and Hospitality for California State University, Northridge. Ball was life for the longest time and one of the reasons I’m so excited about Triple Threat Mentoring is that I don’t have to hand up the shoes just yet. I’m way too passionate about sports and having a good time to pass up on this opportunity. I had no idea what I was getting into with Triple Threat, I mean I found out about this job through my brother who was trying to sell Caleb a TV from Best Buy. Yes I’m the “Best Buy Guy”. In all honesty I’m blessed for that random encounter and Caleb’s passion because I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for that connection. It really shows the foundation of this organization and how one family’s vision impacted so many lives. I believe I’m here for a reason and I’m loving every moment of it. The people I have met and worked within the short 4 weeks has been here is unreal. I was sold from the beginning and now I want to make an impact and leave my legacy!