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Feed your passion and hone your skills. Make change, not coffee runs.


Why intern for Triple Threat?

Don’t wanna make copies and go on coffee runs? Yeah… that sounds terrible. At Triple Threat Mentoring, we offer internships year-round. Our interns get a custom-tailored experience based around their passions and talents. If that sounds like something you need in your life, just skip the rest of this text and fill out the application already!

What do Triple Threat interns do?
Still wanna know more? We got you. Interns do a little bit of everything. From program development to volunteer trainings. Marketing and administration. Youth mentoring and logistics. We offer specialized internships to really master your craft, as well as internships where you can learn a bit of everything.
What makes a good Triple Threat intern?
Energy, passion and work ethic for days. Although we have more fun than human possible, we work crazy hard. Sometimes it takes some blood, sweat and tears to inject hope into under-resourced communities, but we do it with GRIT, determination and usually a lot of ping pong.
How do I become a Triple Threat intern?
Fill out the form below, attach your resume, and we’ll holler. Simple, right? The best thing in your life is literally right below these words.

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