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Ready to be more awesome? Sweet.
We’ll help you find volunteer opportunities in Santa Ana.

Why volunteer for Triple Threat?

Got something you love? Wanna share it. Perfect. That’s kinda what we do as an organization. We help you take that thing you love and share it with at-risk youth. We take care of all the logistics — finding the students, location, transportation, supplies, volunteer training. All you’ve gotta do is show up, do what you love, and deal with the fact that you are amazing for doing something positive with your talents. BAM! If you’re looking for mentoring or volunteer opportunities in Santa Ana, California, Los Angeles or the OC, make sure to holler.

What do Triple Threat volunteers do?
Whatever you love to do. We’ve run youth mentoring programs in everything from BMX Bike racing and DJing to financial literacy and college prep. Every year, we put on more than 100 youth mentoring programs and events in the Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York City areas. So if you wanna be a mentor and invest in youth, we’ve got you covered. Come get your flex on and share what you love with 3T students.
What makes a good Triple Threat volunteer?
If you wake up reeking of awesome…. then you’re on the right web page. Our volunteers gotta enjoy having fun, bringing inexplicable amounts of energy, and consistently show up to rock. When you do those things, it’s magic. We pair up adults with at-risk youth who love the same things and relationships naturally form. When those relationships happen in a safe and fun environment, impact happens. It spreads like wildfire; just the non-destructive kind. So all you’ve gotta do is bring the hype, high-5s and hysteria. We got the rest.
How do I become a Triple Threat volunteer?
Fill out the form below, and we’ll holler at you. From that point, we’ll let you know if there’s any upcoming programs or events that might be a good fit. If not, we can work with you to create your own. We also train our volunteers and help them set up a background check to ensure our students are working with awesome and well-prepared humans.
What kind of mentoring programs do you run?
We’ve run hundreds of passion-based mentoring programs for youth in the Chicago, Aurora, Santa Ana, Los Angeles and New York City areas. Here’s a few: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Beatmaking, Studio Music Production, Ukulele, Football, Rugby, Fencing, Graphic Design, 3D Design, 3D Printing, Athletic training, SPARQ, African hand drums, Word up, Financial literacy, Virtual Reality, Bike repair, BMC racing, Entrepreneurship, Girl Empowerment, Baseball History, Cultures of the World, Ultimate Frisbee… the list goes on. Essentially, whatever you love to do, we can help a volunteer opportunity for you to turn your passion into a mentoring program. Lez do it!
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